Why orthodontics and at what age?

Reasons for Orthodontic Treatment

There are a number of reasons to get orthodontic treatment. These include:

  • Early orthodontic intervention Pre-adolescent (Age 7-10) children with protruding teeth at risk to trauma, teasing, habits, functional difficulties and respiratory problems
  • Adolescent treatment (Age 11-16) using growth to correct bites to ideal and optimising facial aesthetics
  • Adults with functional difficulties and gradual worsening of the bite with age
  • Adults with skeletal or bony asymmetries with/without jaw size discrepancies causing ill-fitting bites
  • Aesthetic concerns both dental and facial with bruxing or grinding habits, crowding, spacing, missing teeth, TMJ, respiratory and other concerns

There is no age barrier!

Orthodontic Treatment no matter what your age is recommended for problems such as crowding, spacing, impacted teeth, crossbites, narrow dental arches, protruding or retrusive front teeth and functional problems which affect your normal chewing. It is often the case that many ill-fitting bites are inherited and many may develop as we age due to excessive mouth breathing and tongue thrusting habits, poor tooth positioning, grinding and clenching habits, early extraction of permanent teeth and periodontal or gum disease. This ill fitting bite is termed as a ‘MALOCCLUSION’


Inherited Malocclusions include tooth and jaw size discrepancies e.g a small lower jaw relative to the upper jaw and acquired malocclusions occur over time in an unstable tooth environment. It is also advisable talk to your doctor about improving your child’s ability to breathe through their nose and this creates an optimal environment for the developing bones and the erupting dentition. Untreated orthodontic problems in children and adults should not be ignored or left untreated as they can worsen over time. Orthodontic problems can cause further abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, inefficient chewing which may lead to other medical problems and sometimes even trauma on the gums that support the teeth. Most Malocclusions can be corrected through orthodontic treatment in childhood, adolescents and adulthood.


Early treatment or early orthodontic intervention will often reduce the need to treat more serious problems that can develop in later years and certainly simplify any comprehensive orthodontic treatment that may be necessary.


Adult teeth move just as easily and efficiently as those of children in a healthy environment with  healthy gums and teeth. Please have this checked prior to considering undertaking orthodontic treatment. Your dentist can certainly advise you on the state of your current teeth and if your gums require any periodontal therapy prior to orthodontic treatment commencing.


We would be pleased to assess and discuss any orthodontic concerns you may have and structure a treatment plan to suite. There are many new and advanced orthodontic systems on the market today (Incognito internal braces, Invislaign Aligner systems, Suresmile digital technology and more) that provide an easy, comfortable and efficient solution to your orthodontic problems.  Dr Steve Stramotas and his team at Sydney Smile Specialists Randwick work with a fine team of dentists and dental specialists, undertaking an inter-disciplinary approach to treatment and with the team achieving optimal and stable orthodontic result for you.

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