Our Orthodontic Services

We offer a range of treatment options which you’ll find below.

Based on your consultation, Dr Stramotas and his team will work with you to explain the best treatment options and the most suitable appliances in order to achieve your goals and address your main concerns.


Ideal for Adults and Adolescents – Invisible, comfortable, precise and more predictable resulting in reduced treatment times and fantastic results.

Dr Steve Stramotas runs the Lingual orthodontic Program at the University of Sydney Dental Hospital and has vast experience in the speciality of Lingual and or internal braces, lecturing both nationally and internationally on the appliance.


Lingual braces are the only non-visible form of fixed orthodontic treatment available today and prescribed for simple cases and when the concerns are more than just alignment of teeth in an ill-fitting bite. Many years of specialist training, special instrumentation, equipment and staff training are required to master this amazing technique and we produce wonderful results in a suitable efficient time frame.


Unlike Invisalign and other orthodontic systems, Lingual ‘Incognito’ braces are fully customised, totally predictable in terms of achieving a great result in a suitable time frame and they are truly invisible. Incognito lingual braces are suitable for simple relapse situations but more so used in more complicated cases where the concerns are more than just the alignment of teeth with ill-fitting bites and bony asymmetries. This technique requires many years of specialist training, special instrumentation and expert staff training to assist the orthodontist. The team at Sydney Smile Specialists Randwick can treat you quickly and efficiently to achieve an optimal functional and aesthetic result.


Ceramic or Metal Braces

Ceramic braces are made of translucent (Clear) glass material for patients concerned about aesthetic appearance. They appear translucent blending in with your natural tooth colour. With ceramic braces your smile will look natural and not ‘metallic’. In addition the ceramic brackets and modules we use are are designed to minimise staining or discolouration. Ideal for adolescents and adults

Metal braces with/without colours

One can also choose to be funky and to go all out with our Mini SPEED braces with or without colours. Mini SPEED braces are small, efficient, low profile and less irritating to surrounding tissues. They are easy to maintain and comfortable in the mouth.


Digitally Planned Orthodontics

Suresmile uses digital technology and robotically designed archwires to plan and execute orthodontic tooth movements to help achieve our clinical goals faster and with greater precision than ever. No impressions are required and this system uses a digital format and robotically bend orthodontic orthodontic wires to optimally move teeth to their ideal position with comfort and ease. With SURESMILE a simple photographic scan is required and we are on our way, consistently achieving superior outcomes.  With careful planning and the experience of Dr Stramotas and his team, we are producing beautiful fuller smiles, stable bites for good function and good long term stability for our patients.

Once the braces are bonded the wires are robotically bent by a robot These wires are programmed to move teeth as planned by the orthodontist to the end position with ease and comfort to you the patient. The arch wires are inserted and changed by the orthodontist with minimal bends and adjustments, reducing discomfort and efficiently producing an ideal bite and beautiful smile in a relatively short time frame.

We are yet to have a patient regret undergoing specialist orthodontic treatment with us as the results are rewarding and wonderful to see. Our patients do mostly continue to see us long term, we love having them and consider them to be part of our wonderful practice. Orthodontic treatment and a beautiful smile not only gives one a healthy mouth but also increased self confidence and gives you a reason to smile.

If we can assist in any way with your enquiries please let us know. Dr Steve Stramotas and his team look forward to meeting you.

For a step by step guide and timeline for orthodontic treatment, have a look at our process section.


Invisalign Sequential Aligner System

Invisalign is a series of sequential aligners used to straighten teeth. The aligners are removable and virtually invisible. This means you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing and you can still enjoy all your favourite foods, brushing and floss normally.


Dr Steve Stramotas will advise you on whether you are a good candidate for this type of treatment as not everyone can be successfully treated using this technique. It is successful in those patients who have crooked teeth with well-matched upper and lower jaws and a bite within acceptable limits. This treatment modality if used in the incorrect circumstances can often lead to unpredictable treatment times, poor orthodontic results and disappointed patients.  Please seek a specialists’ advice before commencing Invisalign treatment.


When planning treatment for adult patients i.e. those where growth is complete (usually 18 years and older), where there are dento-facial deformities, facial asymmetries, jaw growth discrepancies or airway needs (Obstructive sleep Apnea), we do need to consider orthognathic or ‘jaw surgery’ in combination with the fixed braces to achieve an ideal correction both dentally and facially.

This type of treatment involves a combined braces and surgery, working closely with a well-trained Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgeon and your dentist to achieve the desired dental and facial result and where applicable to assist with any airway restriction.

Dr Stramotas and his team having been treating surgical patients over the last 15 years achieving good stable and long lasting results. This type of orthognathic treatment most often involve good communication, careful planning and meticulous execution and Dr Stramotas works very closely with his surgeon to ensure great result for his patients.