Meet The Team

Our Team

Supporting Dr Steve Stramotas is a dedicated team of highly trained hygienists, orthodontic assistants and administrative staff. Together we all work as a team to assist and treat our patients and at the same time run an efficient, high quality, friendly and on-time practice.


All our staff are highly trained in their respective fields and they are continuously updating their skills with continued education courses and ongoing in-house training sessions.  In todays world of rapidly changing technologies, orthodontic skills and techniques do need to be continually updated. Our practice with Dr Stramotas and his wonderful team are at the forefront of this cutting-edge technology providing patients with the best orthodontic care possible.


In and amongst our busy schedule, there is time to communicate, laugh and make sure our patients are happy and comfortable, always knowing we are there for them at any time if needed. Our staff are well established and thoroughly enjoy their roles. Most have been treated orthodontically in the practice and have a thorough understanding of what is involved and what patients in treatment are experiencing.


Once the braces come off our younger patients love being inducted onto the ‘WALL OF FAME’ where they can join their friends and family who have been successfully treated in our practice. Dr Stramotas and his team place as big an emphasis on the retention period post orthodontic treatment so we do follow up on our patients for 3-5 years post treatment to ensure a stable orthodontic result over the long term.


We look forward to meeting you and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in undergoing any orthodontic treatment.

To make a booking call: (02) 9398 – 5255