The Process

The process is quite straight forward.


Once consulted with and a decision is made to proceed with treatment. An orthodontic digital scan is usually undertaken to record and digitise the teeth and mouth in preparation for a diagnostic work up by Dr Stramotas.


Comprehensive records including digital radiographs or a Cone Beam CT and full intra-oral photos are taken and examined to see underlying superficial structures and ensure that there are no obstacles that will impede or limit the treatment. It also ensures we are treating and moving teeth in a healthy environment in order to achieve the best possible end result for the patient.


The braces or aligners are then planned and ordered as per the patients’ individual needs. They braces or aligners are customised and produced with precision and accuracy and fitted in a customised tray.


The customised lingual braces are specially designed and are highly polished, low profile, smooth, comfortable and made to minimise negative effects on speaking and eating. There is a short adaptation period of 1-2 weeks no matter which appliance you choose, whether it be conventional braces, Lingual ‘Inside’ braces or Aligner treatment

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