Surgical Treatment

When planning treatment for adult patients i.e. those where growth is complete (usually 18 years and older), where there are dento-facial deformities, facial asymmetries, jaw growth discrepancies or airway needs (Obstructive sleep Apnea), we do need to consider orthognathic or ‘jaw surgery’ in combination with the fixed braces to achieve an ideal correction both dentally and facially.


This type of treatment involves a combined braces and surgery, working closely with a well-trained Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgeon and your dentist to achieve the desired dental and facial result and where applicable to assist with any airway restriction.


Dr Stramotas and his team having been treating surgical patients over the last 15 years achieving good stable and long lasting results. This type of orthognathic treatment most often involve good communication, careful planning and meticulous execution and Dr Stramotas works very closely with his surgeon to ensure great result for his patients.

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