Suresmile uses digital technology and robotically designed wires to plan and execute tooth movements to achieve our clinical goals faster and with greater precision than ever. No impressions are required and this system uses a digital format and robotically bend orthodontic wires to optimally move teeth to their ideal position with comfort and ease. With SURESMILE we are consistently achieving superior outcomes.  With careful planning and Dr Stramotas’ experience we are producing beautiful fuller smiles with attractive smile arcs with stable bites allowing for good function.


Dr Stramotas and his orthodontic team at Sydney Smile Specialists Randwick have invested years of training and we have been using this technology for over 5 years. This cutting edge technology separates us from the conventional orthodontic practice, allowing us to provide a better more efficient service to our patients. Suresmile technology is is truly advanced and is the way of the future. A simple photographic scan once once your treatment has commenced and you are on your way!

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