Process for Teenagers

Teenage Orthodontic Treatment

It’s no secret that most adolescents find their teenage years to be quite awkward. Dr Stramotas and his team realize this and therefore offer different treatment alternatives to conventional braces. These include metal Mini-braces (with or without colours), partially invisible Ceramic clear braces  or Invisalign Teen aligner treatment  and totally invisible Internal or Lingual braces for teenagers. We cater for all situations as some children may be more sensitive than others.

A fact is that a high percentage of teenage boys and girls need to undergo comprehensive orthodontic treatment for both health and aesthetic reasons and importantly to prevent tooth and jaw joint damage in the later adult years. Although every teenager is different, most adolescent patients begin their comprehensive orthodontic treatment between the ages of 11 and 15 years. Certain types of dental problems are treated more efficiently once all the permanent teeth have erupted. Treatment times are approximately 16-24 months depending on the individual‘s orthodontic problems and the process of treating bites that are misaligned is most beneficial whilst your child is still growing and their jaw is still developing.


For years Dr Stramotas and his team have helped teens regain their function and importantly their confidence by giving them the perfect, healthy smile they’ve always wanted. It has been proven that a confident healthy smile is ‘key’ to a successful entry into adulthood, helping these young adults to reach great heights in their personal, profession or work choice environment, beaming with confidence and never failing to smile.

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