Incognito Braces

Ideal for Adults and Adolescents – Invisible, comfortable, precise and more predictable resulting in reduced treatment times and fantastic results.


Dr Steve Stramotas runs the ‘Lingual component’ in the orthodontic post-graduate program at the University of Sydney and has vast experience in the specialty of Lingual orthodontics or ‘internal braces’.   Dr Stramotas also lectures both nationally and internationally on the ‘Incognito’ Lingual braces System.


Unlike Invisalign and other orthodontic systems, Lingual ‘Incognito’ braces are fully customised, totally predictable in terms of achieving a great result in a suitable time frame and they are truly invisible. Incognito lingual braces are suitable for simple relapse situations but more so used in more complicated cases where the concerns are more than just the alignment of teeth with ill-fitting bites and bony asymmetries. This technique requires many years of specialist training, special instrumentation and expert staff training to assist the orthodontist. The team at Sydney Smile Specialists Randwick can treat you quickly and efficiently to achieve an optimal functional and aesthetic result.

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